Import PFX Certificate and Configure Binding on Remote IIS Servers

A way to import a pfx certificate and set the HTTPS binding on a list of remote servers.

Recently I was tasked with having to prepare a process to import a certificate and then set up an https (port 443) binding on about 100 web servers. I don’t know about you, but that seems like way too much clicking and manual steps! Luckily, I was fortunate enough to... [Read More]

How to add AD Users/Groups to Local Groups

A time saver when it comes to adding access to AD users & groups to a PC or server local groups.

This is another quick post that might save some of my fellow SysAdmins and IT support people some time when needing to make some similar changes. I recently needed to add access to some Hyper-V hosts that are running Hyper-V Server 2016. This OS has the same look and feel... [Read More]

Scouting Specific Applications on Remote Hosts with PowerShell

A way to scout various agents and their versions on your server or PC fleet.

As our environments grow and as other IT entities and silos request more and more agents, monitoring applications, and services it can get daunting keeping up with the versions that are running. Some IT groups are notorious for requesting that certain apps or agents to be at a certain level,... [Read More]

Mass Update VMware Tools on Guest VMs

Use PowerCLI to update VMware Tools on multiple VMs in your cluster.

If your environment is anything like mine, you are noticing that your physical server footprint is decreasing while your virtual server footprint is increasing. This is a good sign your org is at least moving in the right direction with maximizing resources by virtualizing workloads, applications, and infrastructure. The one... [Read More]